Hi there! I'm Jeniac or Jen or whatever you want to call me. I'm a media technology student from Finland and I spend most of my time drawing and that's pretty much the reason for the existence of this blog. I draw mostly furry things but I'll post my attempts on drawing human body, too. Might contain also NSFW things under obvious warnings.
Please excuse my poor grammar. ;v;


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Anonymous: I've noticed you've been drawing more humans than furries lately (not that that's a bad thing mind you), are you kinda leaving the fandom? ovo (also you should draw jen. haven't seen much of her in awhile!)

Haha no worries, that’s a kind of fandom I wouldn’t leave even if I tried (not that I ever would try that) ! I draw furries/animals in general as much as before, I just don’t feel so confident about posting it on tumblr (I seriously have to stop worrying about what other people might think so much ugh). But you’ll see more of it on deviantART for sure, as soon as I’m back from my hiatus there! :D


A twist in my story

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Anonymous: You are so cute and your art is so cute and <33333 Have a nice day.


I… hope you have an awesome day, too (*ノωノ)

Thank you, anon <3

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For TK


For TK

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villlho: It's not a bad idea, I think! I've had some similar thoughts about my own art blog (maintaining two blogs just felt kind of, well, awkward since I constantly forgot to update the art blog and usually ended up reblogging the pieces to my main blog anyway). I think you should do what seems the most comfortable option for you, and what you feel that is the best for YOU. Your art is awesome no matter where you post it. UwU

That’s exactly how I feel about this blog! Well, I don’t reblog from here so much anymore, but it’s like I’d never actually had two separate blogs or at least the point for running them like this.

Thank you so much, that was really encouraging to hear! So far I’ve received many positive comments concerning this subject, and the only thing that keeps me from carrying out the idea is that this blog just gained another 50 followers last night. ;;;v;; Oooohhh why is this so difficult. Fortunately our winter vacation will begin tomorrow and I have more time to think about this matter.

Anonymous: For the art blog personal blog thing. If you really want to I say go for it! But maybe when you upload art tag it so people can still check for new things without scrolling through too many pages of the blog. (Though I don't know how much you reblog things!)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I already have a tag for my art in my personal blog - it’s just been hidden for some time now because those drawings were so old, even tho I know that shouldn’t be a thing to be ashamed of ahahha. ; I guess I have this habit of reblogging quite a lot when I’m at school but I’ve been thinking about trying the queue thing more often, especially if I end up combining these blogs.

Moving to my personal blog, maybe?

I’ve had this idea of combining my personal blog and art blog for a while.

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Anonymous: YOU'RE MY FAVE ARTIST FO EVA-EE. <3 I find ultimate joy from your paintings! Also, have you ever drawn Jeanmarco? I'd be the happiest butt ever if you did.

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cissyswonderland: Can I aks you the routine question, what brush settings do you prefer? your colours are so vivid and dense, I love them, and I especially love how you play with bold and contrasting tones.

First of all, thank you so much for the compliment! I’ve been feeling rather unsure about the colors I use lately, but that sure was encouraging to hear! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

As for the brush settings…. Ooooh dear, I wish I could give you a proper answer, because the truth is that I have some serious difficulties sticking with certain brushes. ;;; But I guess I might have a some kind of pattern that the brushes I use the most tend to follow - it’s quite undefined, but it’s usually some kind of variation of these settings I’ve kept for a surprisingly long time now (featuring some awkward examples I drew in like two seconds)

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Couldn’t recall redrawing a screen cap before, so I decided to try one from Free! that I found here. It’s rather quickly put together because I really should be doing schoolwork ahhaha but I’ll definitely be drawing more of these in the future!